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23 Nov Smart Videos Connect With New Customers

The internet age has given every business far more ways in which to communicate with their potential customer base. But sometimes you need a little help in making that connection, especially if you’re using a brand new method you’re not familiar with to get the message across. Take video production for example. Most of us aren’t familiar with the skills and...

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14 Nov What is the Difference Between a Website and an Optimised Website?

If you’re not sure, the chances are you’ve got the first kind. The answer to this question is simple – optimised sites tend to get a lot more relevant traffic than ones that haven’t been optimised. Search engine optimisation – or SEO to give it its shorter and more manageable name – is very important when it comes to creating...

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01 Nov The Advantages of Multiple Online Revenue Streams

The internet is changing all the time, and as it changes the idea of making money online can change too. There used to be a time when anyone could set up a simple website and expect to make some money from it, but those times are long gone. The good news is that there are many more ways to make...

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26 Sep Have You Forgotten About Offline Marketing?

There is no doubt that the internet has become the focus of all our lives over the past decade or so in particular. This has led to many new and exciting ways to promote your business. You can have a website, you can have countless social media accounts and you can have a blog. There is plenty more you can...

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09 Sep Why Don’t You Have an E-Newsletter?

More and more businesses are realising that e-newsletters are a wise way to build their business. Not only do they keep your business name in the forefront of your customers’ minds, they also generate more sales over the short and long term. It’s understandable that you might feel nervous about committing to a regular newsletter. After all every single one has...

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