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15 Apr Mini-Sites: Big Tool, Small Site

Not every company or organisation needs a full-fledged, multi-page website with lots of features. There are times that a min-site will serve your purpose and Ratio7 has created many of these for clients. What we created for Somewhereto is a useful example of the powerful and streamlined approach that you might need versus a full website. In this case, Live Union...

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01 Sep What's Your Website's Purpose?

Whether you are having a site built by scratch or doing a redesign of your existing site, it is really important to examine the reasons you have a website at all. Sound obvious? It isn't. If you look at your own favorite sites, you will find that they serve many different purposes. For a graphics team like Ratio7 to build...

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01 Sep WordPress Your Business

Wordpress is emerging as the leader of blogging sites and software. For the common user interested in using Wordpress, there are some things that can be confusing. Let us clarify some details for you! 1. Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com are two different entities owned by the same company. The free Wordpress.com site is for casual users who do not need or want...

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30 Aug Boost Your Creativity!

Creativity is not just for graphic and Web designers, writers and artists. On the business landscape, creativity is getting a lot of press. Innovation, ideas, thinking "outside the box" are all extensively taught and recruited for in business. Problem-solving is a creative process. There are some great resources online that will teach you how to...

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