Ratio7 | What's Your Website's Purpose?
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What's Your Website's Purpose?

01 Sep What's Your Website's Purpose?

Whether you are having a site built by scratch or doing a redesign of your existing site, it is really important to examine the reasons you have a website at all. Sound obvious? It isn’t. If you look at your own favorite sites, you will find that they serve many different purposes. For a graphics team like Ratio7 to build you exactly what you want and need for your business’s website, you need to explore the various types of sites and determine which one suits your business goals. A site may have several purposes at once.

The most basic site is informational. This is a site that tells a potential customer or visitor what your business is, where it’s located, its hours, how to contact you and maybe a bit more. These sites are fast and easy to construct and usually only involve a page or two. All sites have some basic information on them.

The next is a site that educates and/or is used as a reference. It might be a site like Wikipedia or Grammar Girl with information on everything or just on grammar and writing. Or it could be a health site with information on conditions or illnesses.

Some sites are inspirational. They provide you with stories and photography and music on various topics like personal development, spirituality, psychology and new age practices.

Promotional sites are also common. They generally promote a celebrity, a rock band, an author, a product and more.

Then there are those that entertain. While YouTube certainly has educational and inspirational purposes, it is most often turned to for its entertainment value. Most humour sites like Funny or Die and LOLCats are both highly trafficked and entertaining.

Finally, there are e-commerce sites. These sites exist primarily to sell you something. Amazon.com is one. Ebay is another. The best e-commerce sites combine many of the features of other sites (education, entertainment, etc.).

Knowing what your end goal is can help the exceptional team at Hertfordshire’s Ratio7 design or retool your site to be the most efficient, exciting, and popular site possible! Let us know how we can help.