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Mini-Sites: Big Tool, Small Site

15 Apr Mini-Sites: Big Tool, Small Site

Not every company or organisation needs a full-fledged, multi-page website with lots of features. There are times that a min-site will serve your purpose and Ratio7 has created many of these for clients. What we created for Somewhereto is a useful example of the powerful and streamlined approach that you might need versus a full website. In this case, Live Union wanted a unique site to promote a series of events they were producing for their client. Instead of a page in an existing site that might not get the notice they wanted, it made more sense to create a small, separate site to get the word out about the events.  Your company or charity might consider this for an annual event or fundraiser, linking the mini-site with separate URL to your main site.

Another common mini-site is a sales or landing page. Generally just one page that promotes a unique product or service, it links to your main site and has sales copy, product information and an order form, all with a unique URL that will drive additional search engine traffic.

Finally, it could just be that your business or organisation has no need for a multi-page, feature rich site. You might just want a simple, one page mini-site that presents a basic bio of your company and team and contact information.

While Ratio7 creates beautiful, deep, feature-laden sites routinely, we don’t want you to think we are a “one size fits all” creative team! Our designers work with you to determine YOUR needs and can create a site, big or small, that fits those needs, budget and timeline. So, before you dismiss the idea of a site as to expensive, talk to us. You might find a mini-site is all you need.