Ratio7 | The Importance of Whitespace
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The Importance of Whitespace

01 Sep The Importance of Whitespace

The average consumers of graphic design (which means all of us!) don’t consider the blank spaces on a site or business card or flyer at all. Designers give this great consideration however. Whitespace (the technical name for blank space, also known as negative space) is as important as your text, colours and images. It is crucial to have the proper balance on a page or site for several reasons.

Your eyes need a place to rest. That seems odd but visually you can be overwhelmed when there is too much going on on a page. We’ve all encountered websites that were just too busy and then information gets lost. Designers always face the challenge of presenting the necessary content without straining the reader.

Whitespace helps important points or images stand out. It says “this is important so it is all we are showing you right here”. Surrounding an image or subject line or logo with whitespace gives it extra “weight” or sense of importance. It is also like a path in a garden…it leads the eye on where to go.

Ratio7 has a team of experienced designers who know how to use the various elements of design to create a print or online presence that captivates your market and conveys your business vision.