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Advertising On Your Website

01 Sep Advertising On Your Website

Advertising on a blog or website is a way to generate additional income, even if it was designed to market your own services or business. You can refer business to other sites and get a potential commission for the sales. This is referred to as “affiliate marketing” and can end up earning you some significant cash! The most well-known affiliate program is Amazon.com’s Associate program. You can add links or images to your site that go to your account page and earn a commission for any purchases that were directed from your site.

There are affiliate programs for nearly every type of business so it is easy to find companies who’s products are compatible or support yours. For instance, you might sell electronics but not want to deal with the peripherals like extra cords and batteries. You can become an affiliate of a company that does just this and with each sale through your affiliate account, you both benefit! Just do a search for “affiliate programs” and you’ll get more hits than you know what to do with.

If you set up a WordPress site, you can have banner ad placeholders added in on development and either use this for your affiliate marketing companies or you can sell this space like a classified in a newspaper. Be sure to ask your designer (hopefully it’s us!) to do this for you.

Ratio7 can help you build in an affiliate program as part of your website design. Contact us here for more information.