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Colour and Graphic Design

31 Aug Colour and Graphic Design

Color is an extremely important part of graphic design. Most people do not realize that color conveys emotion and how formal the message of your design pieces are. Changing a color scheme on a layout can completely change the look and feel of what you are trying to say to your customers or clients. As you are working with a designer on your print and Web products, keep these thoughts in mind.

Colours look different online than they do in print. There are two different colour models-RGB for print and CMYK for electronic.A designer can walk you through these differences and help you pick choices that are the most similar in electronic or print versions.

White space is the unused, blank areas on your graphic piece and can be as important as areas filled with text and images. A person’s eyes need a place to rest and white space can add impact to what you are saying in the areas that are filled.

Opacity is how “see through” a colour is. Sheer washes of colour can be used in backgrounds and will vary in opacity. Adding dense and opaque text can add depth to your print and Web pieces.

Colour choices say a lot about your company. While navy blue is a formal color, orange is a young, casual color. Sites or companies that are “natural” tend to use earth tones, while a company that is in manufacturing will often use gray tones. If you want to grab attention, nothing works like red which is why it is Ratio7’s site is built around that colour.

Colours should be consistent. You print and electronic graphic pieces should all use the same color scheme to brand you or your company properly. Some experts are suggesting that individuals who are job hunting brand themselves with colour as well!

Work with a seasoned graphic designer who will get to know you and your company thoroughly. Together you should make wise colour choices to ensure that you are conveying the emotion and message that you intend!