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Make It Sticky!

31 Aug Make It Sticky!

In order to make a marketing message memorable, it has to be “sticky”. Made to Stick, a great book by Chip and Dan Heath, offers tips and templates on how to get your marketing messages to stick in the public’s mind. Not only is the book informative, it is engaging and a fun read filled with urban myths and legends that caught fire (but were never true-like dangerous Halloween candy!).

To make a message or idea stick, it needs to be:

  • simple (not dumbed-down but containing the core idea+ being compact)
  • unexpected (surprises get our attention)
  • concrete (abstract concepts are forgotten)
  • credible (this is why athletes and celebrities are spokespeople: we consider them trustworthy)
  • emotional (make them feel something, anything, even disgust)
  • use stories (stories help us recall situations, making the message more real to us)

A great copywriter knows how to create a simple headline that is compelling and how to create copy that relies on all or some of the other techniques that Chip and Dan recommend. At Ratio7, we only employ highly recommended copywriters for your site and print materials. We help make YOUR ideas sticky! Check out the Made to Stick blog here.