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We Don’t All Surf the Net on Computers Anymore

29 Mar We Don’t All Surf the Net on Computers Anymore

Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of smart phones in use in the UK and beyond. More of us are also using devices like iPads to get online without having to resort to switching on our computers to do so.

This means that your website has to be able to cope with being seen in different ways on different devices. There is a very real chance that a significant percentage of your website visitors are finding your site via a mobile phone or some other device – namely something that doesn’t have a large screen. If this is the case, you will lose out on that traffic if your website is not able to be easily viewed on such devices.

So when you get a new website for your business, one of the most important things to remember is to ensure everyone can see it properly. If you get 1,000 visitors a day and 40% of those find your site via a smart phone surfing session, that’s a potential 400 people you could lose as future customers. Of course you could have a mobile version of your website as well. If you do and you are ready to cater for this ever increasing audience as well as those who find you in the more traditional way, you won’t have to worry. You will also be streets ahead of your competition if they happen to be dragging their heels in providing a mobile version of their site for people to find.

It is certainly not wise to delay the task of finding customers in this way on these devices. When you realise it could make a difference to your bottom line, you’ll see that exploring all the different ways people surf the net and how you can reach more of them is incredibly important.

Fortunately it isn’t something you have to worry about if you hire a professional web design team like Ratio7 to do the work for you. As you can see, it could be an investment that lets you reach even more people.