Ratio7 | Do you have any tips on how they should set up and run the website?
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Do you have any tips on how they should set up and run the website?

22 Oct Do you have any tips on how they should set up and run the website?

Our advice here is: take what you do best and to it online. When people come to your shop, what they often want more than anything is your knowledge and experience. If you can give them the benefit of your wisdom on your website, you will be able to promote your pharmacy as THE place to go for reliable information and the perfect cure.

Consider starting a blog. This is a place on your website where you can write little ‘posts’ (like short diary entries) that could highlight new developments in medicine, or underline the need for, say, different dietary suppliments at certain times of the year. Not only will this keep promoting your business, it will also help keep your site higher up the list in the Google search.

Increasingly we are building customers websites on platforms that were traditionally developed for blog sites. This means that it gives you complete access to your own site once it is up and running, and complete freedom to make regular changes without having to go back to the designer for every little change, saving you time and money.
Many people shy away from the commitment needed for this more regular involvement with their website. They hope that they can simply build it, park it and then wait for the customers to come flooding in. Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that and nor do websites. It can take a bit of getting into, but your efforts will pay dividends. Think of it like starting a diary, but a diary that many people will read. Don’t forget that, because of your training and specialism, even your musings on the latest piece of research or your view on the best remedy for the common cold, will be revelatory to most of us mere mortals. And remember, this advice will be available any time of day or night. In fact it will be available at the very moment that your customer needs it. What better service could you hope to offer?