Ratio7 | What can a business gain from a website?
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What can a business gain from a website?

15 Oct What can a business gain from a website?

This is a sensible first question but what if you asked yourself the opposite one: What can my business loose by not having a website? No-one is quite sure when it happened, but sometime in the second half of the last decade the World Wide Web stopped feeling new and became simply ‘there’. Just another given. A fact of life like a landline or a bank account. There was a time when only a very few people had telephone lines and the rest of us still sent good old fashioned letters. Today, if your business didn’t have a phone number, you would seem somehow suspect, possibly even a bit dodgey. It’s getting a bit like that with websites. When we now want to find a pharamcy the first place many will look is online. If you are not there, you could well loose business, even if you are not directly selling online.

If you are actually wanting to trade online, the local pharmacy without a website is definitely missing a trick. As you know, many of the products you sell are of a very personal nature and buying online could avoid that awkward moment when the customer has to mumble their barely audible order for Haemorrhoid cream. Many medicines are offered online and we all know about the emails offering cheap viagra that daily clog up our spam filters. The ability to order non-perscription drugs from a local pharmacist you know and trust seems like a perfect business opportunity simply ripe for the picking.