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Content is King!

01 Sep Content is King!

Part of branding and web design is the text on the page, but it is usually completely overlooked or dismissed as unimportant. Not so! In the world of advertising, it is often said that “content is king”. Content are your words in a brochure, sales letter, on a blog or website, advertisement or even a business card. Strong copywriters have become increasingly in demand as the online world has developed. Now, in addition to having words that grab attention, copywriters must know how to get your site seen by search engines and thus be schooled in search engine optimization.

Copy writing must be clear, engaging, tailored to the medium (print or online), tailored to the audience and free of errors. A copywriter knows how to use headlines, whitespace, and formatting plus keywords to attract search engine “crawlers” and readers and to keep them reading for as long as possible. A good copywriter understands your industry and what makes your business unique, as well as the need to encourage readers to take the next step (sign up, return this form, contact us).

Ratio7 employs expert copywriters who help build and promote your brand. As part of our team, they learn your business and your unique attributes. When choosing a graphic design firm, don’t neglect to inquire about their copy writing expertise. Content is king!