Ratio7 | 5 Ways to Make Print Memorable
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5 Ways to Make Print Memorable

31 Aug 5 Ways to Make Print Memorable

We are all consumers who are faced with marketing materials every day. From brochures to leaflets, stickers to business cards, we pick these things up and often discard them before they are ever read. If you are a business owner, this can be a challenge if you want your marketing message to be heard. At Ratio7, we know some ways to help your message stand out and GRAB ATTENTION!

If you are in need of new or upgraded print materials like brochures or business cards, you can get more attention by doing the following things

1. Make it an odd shape. A typical square leaflet or postcard doesn’t stand out at all. Most are pretty uniform and standard in shape or size. But consider what it is like to receive a round postcard or to see a triangular shaped flyer posted somewhere. It stands out immediately because it is so unexpected! A good designer can help you use your logo to do a cut out edge or a whole piece that is built around it.

2. Make it out of a unique material. Designers have access to a large variety of materials, not just paper. Today’s technology allows you to easily print on thin wood, metal, plastic, vellum and various other materials. You can order balloons, stickers and other items to shake things up a bit!

3. Have a tear-off or freebie added. Turn your business card into a magnet, have a free tear-off bookmark, insert a coaster with your business logo. All of these make your marketing message more memorable and allow it to be seen in several different places in a home or office.

4. Use strong, eye-catching colours. More traditional businesses tend to lean on colours like navy and beige which is often appropriate. But if you want to get attention for a younger company with a youthful message, make sure your designer is caught up on colours trends. Neon colours are easy to find in a pile of papers. Few people do really bright business cards. Have your designer draft samples in really bright colours to see what you think.

5. Use powerful, bold words. Don’t let your design firm’s copywriter get away with weak language! A good copywriter understands the importance of persuasive, powerful language that is easily understood. The single word WOW! in large print catches the eye quickly. Make sure your pieces are well-written.

Feel free to contact us for a quote on any of the items mentioned or for other graphic design services!